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Global Challenge Activities

We have organised several nights based around the Global challenge badge. Read all of the requirements below.

Nights based on the Global Challenge

22nd & 23rd September Water & Sanitation
13th & 14th October Poverty
17th to 19th October Group Communications Weekend

To achieve this Award, the Scout needs to complete activities in these two areas:

Make international contact

International issues:

Examples are provided below, but other activities can also be included.

Area 1 - Make International Contact
Make contact with Scouts from a country outside the United Kingdom.

This can be done a number of ways, for example through a residential experience, the Internet, pen pals, Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) or Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI). The Scout must then take part in an activity with their Patrol or Troop. This activity must be based on what the Scout has found out from their international contact. The activity might take place at a residential experience or during a Troop meeting. It might directly involve Scouts from another country, or might be after their contact.

Area 2 - International Issues
For this area the Scout must choose two issues.

Issues might include:



Water and sanitation






Animal welfare


The Scout must:

complete a series of activities to help them understand the issues involved

take some action as a result

compare how the issues affect the UK and countries overseas.

Please note that these requirements are correct when we undertook the challenge. As part of the Scout associations policy to update badge requirements when relating issues effect the badge, these requirements may change. Please view the latest requirements by clicking on 'Award work resources'.

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